Add/Edit Subscription dialog box

This dialog box allows you to specify and edit settings for a subscription created for the routed document.

Option Description
Name Enter the name of the subscription object. This name should be unique for the FileNet P8 Content Engine object store and less than 64 characters in length.
Description Enter the description of the subscription. The description can be empty.
Acts on Specify subscription action target, that is, type of object this subscription acts on:
  • Applies to the single instance of the document
  • Applies to all versions of the document
Note: The component saves the value of this option in the configuration in the form of an internal identifier. If you use an RRT in this field, the RRT must be replaced with one of the following values:
Display name (English) Internal name
Applies to the single instance of the document SINGLE INSTANCE
Applies to all versions of the document ALL VERSIONS
Subscription events Add events which will trigger event actions of the subscription.
Add Click this button to add an event to the list. This button opens the Add Event dialog box.
Edit Select an event in the list and click this button to edit the selected item in the opened Edit Event dialog.
Remove Select an event in the list and click this button to remove the selected item from the list.
Event action Specify an identifier of the event action or click the button to open the Select Event Action dialog box that allows selection of an available event action.
Enable subscription If this check box is selected, the subscription is enabled. Clear this check box to disable the subscription.
Synchronize event action Select this check box for the event action to run in synchronous mode. When using synchronous event actions, the subscription processor blocks further processing until the action completes and returns. The action runs in the same transaction as the originating activity on the target object. If the action fails, the transaction rolls back. In asynchronous execution, the action occurs on a separate execution thread, allowing the subscription processor to continue without waiting for the action results. The action cannot be in the same transaction as the originating activity.
Filter expression Enter (optionally) filter expression evaluated against the source object or an object referenced by an event source object, to determine whether the subscription should "fire". The expression uses the same format as the WHERE clause of a query; however, only a subset of the operators are supported. For example:
  • Type_CVLStr='Confidential'

    where Type_CVLStr is the symbolic name of the DocumentSensitivity document class property, which expects a value of the String data type, in this case "Confidential".

  • SVCPDateTime=20040611T000000Z

    where SVCPDateTime is a property of the TimeFormat document class, which expects a value in the DateTime data type, in this case "20040611T000000Z".

Filter property Enter (optionally) the symbolic property name, which must be a singleton object-valued property of the source object. If set, the filter expression applies to the object that property references, rather than the source itself.