Access Rights

The following table lists the available access rights with the bitmask values for the Document class:

Access Bitmask value
View all properties 0x00001
Modify all properties 0x00002
Major versioning 0x00004
Link a document / Annotate 0x00010
Unlink document 0x00020
Minor versioning 0x00040
View content 0x00080
Create instance 0x00100
Change state 0x00400
Publish 0x00800
Reserved 12 (Deploy is deprecated) 0x01000
Reserved 13 (Archive is deprecated) 0x02000
Delete 0x10000
Read permissions 0x20000
Modify permissions 0x40000
Modify owner 0x80000

Following table displays individual rights for all access levels:

Access Full control Minor versioning Major versioning Modify properties View properties Publish View
View all properties
Modify all properties      
Major versioning          
Link a document / Annotate    
Unlink document      
Minor versioning        
View content  
Create instance      
Change state      
Reserved 12            
Reserved 13            
Read permissions
Modify permissions            
Modify owner