Troubleshooting tips

Problem description Solution
Library is not found in FileNet Neighborhood This message appears when FileNet document library is not or incorrectly selected in General tab of the component's configuration. To verify that the library exists, click the browse button (...).
The following error occurs at run time:

Failed to create library object for 'DefaultIMS:Imaging:FileNet'. Error Number: 80040207. Error Description: Item is not in collection.

Possible reason is that the Server does not have permissions for accessing the library. At configuration time, FileNet is accessed with currently logged user credentials, whereas at run time, the Server typically uses Local System account. In order to allow this account accessing FileNet libraries, you should make them accessible for all local users.

Run the configuration utility (click Start > All Programs > IBM FileNet IDM > Configure). At the bottom of the IDM Configure window, there are two radio buttons: Set preferences for currently logged on user (user name) and "Set default preferences for new users". Depending on the selection, you will be able to view and edit the list of libraries accessible for current user only or for every user of this machine, correspondingly. In order for a library to be accessible by Local System account, you should create it with the Set default preferences for new users option switched on.

Note: The radio buttons are only visible if the current user is a Power User or an Administrator. In other cases it will not be possible to create libraries available for all users.
Cannot retrieve fields list for the document class. This message appears when FileNet document class is specified incorrectly in General tab of the component configuration. To verify that the class is input correctly, use the browse button (...) next to the Document class string.
The documents are not stored in the FileNet destination folders.

Verify that Document folder is set correctly. The User that you define to connect to FileNet must have write permissions to the folder.

Also check the document security options and verify that you have rights to view files in the folder.

While configuring the component or at run time, one of the following errors occurs although the correct user credentials have been entered:

Cannot log on to FileNet library. Please check the connection parameters.

Invalid user name or bad password.

If the error message appears during work with Image Services
Check capitalization of the entered user name. The name is case-sensitive. If the option Use network name is checked on, make sure that the name of the FileNet Image Services user coincides with your Windows user name (case-sensitive and without domain name). Also, make sure that the password of the FileNet user coincides with the password of the Windows user. In order to check whether the component can connect to FileNet using your network name, temporary switch off this option and enter your Windows user name and password.
The error message appears during work with Content Services
If Use network name is selected, make sure that the correct value is entered for the Network Logon Name user property on the Content Services server:
  • Domainname;Username if the component connects to the server using credentials of a domain user.
  • Computername;Username if the component connects to the server using credentials of a local user.

The password of the Content Services user should coincide with the password of the specified user name.

Note: In order for the option Use network name to work at run time, it is necessary to specify user credentials to be used by Workflow Service. This can be done in Service Manager.
When the process is launched in service mode, the component does not route the documents and the Service Monitor shows the following error: The server process could not be started because the configured identity is incorrect. Check the user name and password.
  1. Open Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Component Services.
  2. In the Component Services console, expand Component Services > Computers > Computers > My Computer > DCOM Config.
  3. Right-click the FnLocDb service and click Properties. On the Identity tab, switch from The interactive user to The launching user.