Document Security tab

Use this tab to assign access rights for files being placed to the FileNet system.

You can specify proper access levels for users and groups.
Note: The behavior of this tab depends on the Services type (Image Services or Content Services), so that only permissions allowed by a certain FileNet server can be entered. If the component cannot connect to the FileNet server, no such checks will be performed.
Option Description
Users and Groups To add a user or a group select the corresponding radio button.
Name Select from the drop-down list the name of a user/group which you are going to add to access list.
Access Level Set the access level to be assigned to the selected user/group.
Members If a group is selected in the access list, the Members button opens a list of the group's members. The members list is not editable.
Add/Modify Click Add to add a user or a group to the access list. Click Modify to change attributes of an existing item.

To add a user or a group to the access list, select the user or the group from the Name drop-down list, set the Access level and click Add. The user or the group will be added to the list.

Remove To deny a user/group access to files, select a user/group in the access list and click Remove.
  1. Image Services allows exactly 3 access levels:
    • read
    • write
    • append/execute.
  2. The FileNet component allows entering RRTs in the Access level and in the user/group Name fields. However, if security settings contain RRTs, they cannot be validated by the component at the configuration time.
  3. In some cases Services type (Image/Content) is unknown at the configuration time. For example, when the library is specified via RRT. In such cases no input validation is performed, and the user should specify permissions manually. Valid access types are:
    • For Content Services:
      • Owner
      • None
      • Viewer
      • Author
      • Admin
    • For Image Services:
      • Read
      • Write
      • Append (for "Append/Execute" access)

When this component processes a document, all invalid entries are ignored. If some of Image Services "read", "write" or "append/execute" access rights does not have a valid user/group name specified, the component grants such access type to default user "(ANYONE)".

When there are no valid permissions provided for the Content Services library then the document's permissions default to the current user (that is, user specified on the General tab) as Owner.