Files tab

Use this tab to set files options.

Option Description
File filter Input filter for files. Only files matching the filter will be downloaded by FTP Poll. By default, the filter is set to *.* (this means that any files will be downloaded). "*" is a wildcard meaning that any possible characters will be accepted. You can enter several file filters, separated by the ; (semicolon) without any intervening spaces.
Working directory Files will be downloaded to the defined folder. If the folder does not exist, it will be created by the component.
Note: If the process contains two site configurations that are configured to download files from the same FTP site, use different working directories for these configurations to avoid conflicts during downloading.
Keep processed files If a file is successfully processed through the workflow, that is, if it reaches the destination, it will be placed into this directory.
Keep rejected files If this check box is selected, files that failed to process through the entire workflow will be copied to the folder defined here.