How to use the POP3 eMail component

Find a useful user scenario of the component in this topic.
A company requires all its project data to be stored in the same directory on the company local server. The data should be stored in PDF format only. All company employees should store their data in that directory, even those ones who work in departments situated far from the main office.

The possible solution is to use the POP3 Email component and the special email account on the company's mail server to allow the employees to send their data using email.

  1. Create a workflow with POP3 eMail as a capture component, PDF Converter as a process component, and Send to Folder as a route component.
  2. Configure the POP3 eMail component to capture emails from the special mail account into which employees will send their files as attachments to the messages.
  3. Set Save message body as a file to false, cleared check box, because their is no need in the mail messages to be stored in the process.
  4. Configure the PDF converter component to convert all input files into PDF format and delete the original files after conversion.
  5. Configure the Send to Folder component to route files into special directory on the archiving server.
  6. Run the process.
In this situation, employees are able to archive documents simply by sending email with attachments into the designated email account. The process automatically reads the email account, captures found messages, converts attachments into PDF, ad stores the final files in the archival directory.