Options tab

Use this tab to assign access rights and configure the options of the routed document.

Option Description
Set from type default Click this button to update the fields on the tab according to the selected Form type on the Basics tab as follows:

If the connection with the server is established and the Form type value was specified correctly and without using RRTs, then all settings of this tab are changed to the default values of the selected Form type. If the Form type is changed to another correct value, the settings change correspondingly to the default values of the new Form type. In all other situations settings of this tab does not change.

Document type Select the type of the documents being sent to the ELO archive. If you leave this field blank, the type of the document will be defined according to the file extension.
Access rights This text box allows you to determine access rights to the document. Click the browse button (...) to open the Edit Access Rights dialog box that allows giving access rights to users and user groups.

The configured access rights will be displayed in this text box delimited by comma.

Note: This text box cannot be edited manually.
Color Enter the color for highlighting document in the archive manually or select it from the drop-down list. If the connection to the server is established, the drop-down list displays possible values for color.
Document status Enter the document status in the ELO archive manually or select from the drop-down list of the available document statuses.
Filing path Enter the path where the document will be physically stored manually or select from the drop-down list.
Full-text database Determine if the document will be included into the full-search database. You can select one of the following values from the drop-down list:
  • Include in full-text database
  • Do not include in full-text database
  • Use Form Type default
Date Specify the date the document is sent to the ELO archive manually or select from the calendar.
Expires on Specify the date the document will expire on manually or select from the calendar.
Note: If you do not specify a value for any field on this tab, the component will assign to the field its default value.