Add/Edit Field

Use this dialog to edit the document field.

Option Description
Name Enter the field name. If the connection to the server is established, the Form type text box on the Basic tab contains a correct value and is set without using RRTs, then you can click the browse button (...) and select a field in the open Select field dialog box.
Value Enter the field value. If there is a list of keywords associated with this field, you can click the browse button (...) near this field to select the value from the tree.

The fields can be of the following types: Text, Number, Data, User, From keywords only. Field type is displayed above the Name field.

If the field has From keywords only type, then the value may be entered only from the tree of available keywords or via RRT.

If the field has Date type, use the browse button (...) to select the date using the calendar.

If the field has minimum and maximum numbers of signs then information about these limitations is displayed under the Value field.

When you click OK, if the connection to the server was established, the Form Type text box contains correct value and is set without using RRTs and the form contains the specified field, the component checks the entered value for compliance with the field type. If an error occurs, the warning message will appear and the value will not be entered to the field.