General tab

This tab allows you to set the server connection parameters for logging on to the ELO server.

Option Description
Activate Activate the component according to a condition. This option is only available in the eConnector component.

For more information about conditions, see Conditional activation.

Pass through If this check box is selected, the component will pass the original document to the next component in the process.

This option is only available to the ELO eConnector component.

Archive address Enter the ELO archive address where the document will be stored. ELO archive address is a URL of an ELO index server started on your ELO server and should represent the following string:


  • protocol is a protocol name. Usually, it is HTTP (http).
  • server is either a name of the host machine of your ELO server, or its IP address.
  • port is a port number that the server uses for communicating with its clients. The usual value is 9090.
  • archive is a name of the archive on the server to which you want to connect.
    Note: The archive name is case-sensitive.

The following examples provide you with sample references:

  • http://elo-9:9090/ix-CENDRES/ix
User name Enter the name of the user account that you want to use for connection to the ELO server.
Obtain password via RRT Select this check box if you want to specify the password via RRTs.
Password Enter the password for the user account specified in User name. This value is only used when the Obtain password via RRT check box is not selected.
Password RRT Enter an expression consisting of RRTs that will be replaced by the actual password at run time. This value will be only used when the Obtain password via RRT check box is selected.

This field supports and returns values for encrypted by restricted RRTs. For more information, see Encrypted Field RRTs.

Impersonate as Enter the name of the user under whom you will send the documents to the ELO archive.