How to use the Document Writer component

Perform these steps to archive received emails in PDF format.
  1. Build the process that contains the AutoCapture component, the Outlook MSG loader, the Document Writer component, the PDF converter component and the Send to Folder component.
  2. Use AutoCapture to automatically capture emails from the Microsoft Outlook.
  3. Configure the Outlook MSG loader to create new job for each message, load attachments and remove messages after loading.
  4. Configure the Document Writer to generate a text (.txt) file with the following content:
    Archived Email
    From: ~MSG::From~
    BCC: ~MSG::BCC~
    Date: ~MSG::Date~
    Subject: ~MSG::Subject~
  5. Configure the PDF converter component to convert text files to PDF format. Configure the Send to Folder component.
  6. Start the process.
Completing this procedure allows you to easily capture every email from the Microsoft Outlook, disassemble the message information and make it available as RRTs, create a document containing message information, and send the PDF document together with the message attachment into the specified folder.