Troubleshooting tips

Problem Solution
When you specify the File cabinet and do not specify the Basket in the General tab, the document is saved in the basket and is not saved in the file cabinet. Possibly, the component fails to save the document in the specified file cabinet for some reason. In this case the document is saved in the basket which is active on the DocuWare server. This is the DocuWare server peculiarity that depends on the server settings.
When you create a configuration with the component, open it and try to select file cabinet or basket using Select File Cabinet dialog box or Select Basket dialog box, the lists of file cabinets and baskets are empty. This happens sometimes on Windows 2008 when you open the new configuration for the first time. Try to close the component configuration and open it once again.
Saving files into the DocuWare server becomes too slow. Possibly, there are already a number of versions of the sent document on the server. The more versions of the document are stored on the server, the more time it will take to save the next version of the document. Using document version support can slow down the component work. Try to switch off the Use document version support option.
When you try to send files to the basket the following error message appears:

Error: "Required basket is invalid. Error: basketName, where basketName is a name of the basket on the server.

This error message appears, when you try to route documents to the newly created basket.

To solve this problem, make sure that the baskets are configured through the DocuWare Administration.

When working with DocuWare 6.1, a list of file cabinets in the Select File Cabinet dialog box is empty when the Web Services communication type is selected. This problem may occur when the web services do not contain all necessary assemblies for interoperations with server clients.

To solve the problem, copy the DocuWare.Settings.Interop.dll and DocuWare.Intellix.Client.dll assemblies from the C:\Program Files(х86)\DocuWare\Client Modules\Gapi directory to the C:\Program Files(x86)\DocuWare\Web Service Server directory on the server host machine; then restart the server via the DocuWare Service Control.

When the component is trying to send files, one of the following error messages appear:

Search of the document in the file cabinet is invalid. Error: A database operation is already in progress.

StoreDocument. COM error exception: ***

The possible problem that can cause this issue is that the DocuWare client hangs being unable to perform some operations (in particular, to perform a search on the server).

To resolve this issue, delete the following file from the temp folder on the server: C:\Users\USERNAME\Appdata\Local\Temp\1\dwtemp\file_id.DocuWareClient.DAT, where file_id is a automatically created id of the file.