Test Results dialog box

In this dialog box you can see the results of the search request test.

Option Description
Search results This field displays entries and values returned by the Directory Server for all of the tested requests.
Entry attributes This field displays the attributes of the entry that you select in the Search results field.
Attribute values list This field displays the values list for the attribute that you select in the Entry attributes field.
RRTs This field display RRTs replaced by the component during the requests handling.
Show result RRTs for This box allows you to filter the displayed RRTs by selecting one of the following:
  • All entries: no filter - display all replaced RRTs. Each RRT replaced after each request in the test sequence will be displayed.
  • Last request only: display all RRTs produced by the last request only. RRTs replaced on previous requests will not be displayed.
  • All aliases: display only alias RRTs replaced after each request. No default RRTs will be displayed.