Search Requests tab

This window contains search requests sequence and the properties of the requests.

Option Description
Requests sequence This field represents requests sequence as an ordered list of items. Each item describes a single LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) search request. A single request has many properties, all of them cannot be shown in the list, therefore this list contains only three fields with brief information.
Name A user-defined name that will be used to generate RRTs for the search output values.
Search object A list of the target attribute values. All result entries returned by this search contain these values of attributes. The attribute names are not displayed here. If a complex filter is used for the search, this list contains all specified values regardless of a filter operation.
Result attributes A list of the resulting attributes. These attribute names will be used to generate RRTs of the output values along with the search name.
Sequence management buttons
Click this button to move selected items one row upper.
Click this button to move selected items one row lower.
Click this button to add new search request. It opens Add New Search Request dialog box, which allows specifying the information for the new search request. The created request will be placed at the end of the list.
Click this button to remove all selected items from the list.
Request properties This group displays the detailed properties of the selected request:
Scope This field displays the search base FDN and the search scope ("base only", "one level children only" or "all entries entire subtree").
Filter This field displays the LDAP search filter. The result of the search will contain all entries from the specified scope satisfying to the filter conditions.
Result This field displays the attributes of the result entries specified by user for retrieval. If the user has specified an alias for an RRT of attribute it is displayed as well.
Misc. This field displays miscellaneous information about the search request: result entries number limit, logon properties and so on.
Search requests management buttons
Edit Click this button to edit the request properties. This button opens Edit Search Request Properties dialog box that displays settings of the currently selected request.
Export Click this button to export all selected requests into external file. This file can be loaded into another configuration of the Directory Services component using the Import button. If no requests are selected then all sequence will be exported.
Import Click this button to import previously exported requests sequence from the external file into the configuration. The requests will be added into the end of the current sequence.
Test all Click this button to perform testing of the configuration. All requests in the sequence will be processed, including RRT replacement. The results of this process will be displayed in the Test Results dialog box.