Build Simple Filter dialog box

In this dialog box you can create simple LDAP search filter.

Resulting simple filter contains set of attributes and their values to search for. The result of the search is the set of the directory entries that has the specified values of the attributes.

Option Description
No filter This check box should be selected if all the entries from the LDAP search scope should be returned by the search request. The search filter text is empty in this case.
Filter entries with all of these attribute values This field contains filter items. Each filter item is an attribute’s name-value pair that includes into the resulting filter text as "(attribute=value)".
Filter text This read-only field displays the resulting LDAP filter syntax.
Add Click this button to create a new filter item in the opened Add New Filter Item dialog box.
Edit Click this button to change the selected item properties in the opened Edit Filter Item Properties dialog box.
Delete Click this button to remove the selected item.
(browse button) Click this button to browse through directory entries for an existing attribute. This button opens Select Attribute Name and Value dialog box. The selected attribute name and value from this dialog will be added to the list as a new filter item.