Attributes List dialog box

This dialog box contains the list of attributes and aliases and allows you to specify which attributes of the resulting entries should be retrieved.

Also you can specify aliases for some of the attributes. To specify several aliases for some attribute you should add several entries for the same attribute.

Option Description
Attributes and aliases This field displays the list of attributes and aliases.
Add selected Click this button to add currently selected attributes from the lower list to the upper list.
New Click this button to create new list entry in the opened Add New Attribute dialog box.
Edit Click this button to edit selected list entry in the opened Edit Attribute Properties dialog box.
Directory entries This field displays the directory tree that allows you to select the entry. This tree is displayed only if the Directory Server connection is successfully established.

The lower list contains attributes of the directory entry selected in the directory tree that is displayed in Directory entries.

The component establishes the LDAP connections using the request connection settings configured on the Connection tab in the main configuration window.