Add/Edit Request dialog box

Use this dialog box to add a new request or to edit an existing request.

Option Description
Request name Enter name of the request.
Note: All RRTs produced by this request will be built based on this name.
Alternate logon Select this check box, if you want to choose special connection parameters (different from Connection tab).

Click the browse button (...) to configure the connection properties in the opened Alternate Logon Properties dialog box.

Note: This altered logon is used only by this single request. Subsequent requests will use default connection parameters until they alternate logon for themselves.
Search scope This group allows specifying the scope for searching data.
Base FDN Enter FDN of the directory entry to search from. Entries located above this one within the directory will not be included into the search.
Domain button Click this button to set the base FDN of the directory root domain entry.

For the Active Directory server the domain FDN is the value of the "rootDomainNamingContext" attribute in the root (nameless) directory entry.

For the eDirectory server the domain FDN is the FDN of the first (topmost) entry in the directory tree with objectClass=domain.

To determine this information the component establishes LDAP connection using parameters of the current request.

Scope Determine the subset of directory entries below the base entry to search within. Can be one of:
  • Base only — Single entry defined by Base FDN.
  • One level children only — All immediate children of the base entry. The base entry itself is not included. Deeper levels of entries are not included as well.
  • All entries entire subtree — All entries in the subtree including Base FDN, its children and their children recursively.
Note: The scope combo-box allows specifying of an RRT as the search scope. The RRT should be replaced at run time with one of: "BASE ONLY", "ONE LEVEL" or "SUBTREE".

Click the browse button (...) to open the Search Scope Properties dialog box that allows browsing the directory tree to choose entry as the base FDN.

Search filter This group allows specifying of the conditions to select subset of entries from the search scope. Even if "Base only" is specified as the search scope, this filter will be applied and the search result may be empty.
Filter text This field contains text of the LDAP search filter. This text can be edited by a user to specify any arbitrary LDAP search filter. If this field is empty then all entries in the search scope are returned by the search.
Build simple filter Click this button to open the Build Simple Filter dialog box to create the LDAP search filter. Such filter will have only intersection operations however this is enough in most cases. To build more complex filters user should specify their syntax manually in the Filter text edit box.
Search results group:
Limit results count Select this check box if you want to limit maximum number of found entries to return. Enter the maximum number of the entries in the field that is next to this check box.
All attributes select this check box to retrieve all attributes of the result entries. If this option is unchecked then only specified attributes will be retrieved.
Attributes Click this button to add/edit attributes for request. This button is always enabled. It opens Attributes list dialog box. Even if the All attributes check box is selected, the user can specify aliases for some of the attributes.
Test this request Click this button to perform testing of the current request only. Do not use this function if the request settings contain RRTs of other requests. Results of this test will be displayed in Test Results dialog box.
Test this and all previous Click this button to perform testing of the start of the requests sequence from the first request till current one. This button is useful when the current request settings contain RRTs of other requests. Results of this process will be displayed in the Test Results dialog box.
Test all sequence Click this button to perform testing of the configuration. All requests in the sequence will be processed, including the component RRT replacement. The results of this process will be displayed in the Test Results dialog box.