How to use the Datacap 8.1 component

Use the Datacap 8.1 component to send scanned documents to the Datacap Taskmaster Capture server workflows.

An example of using the component to send documents from an MFP device.
  1. Create a new workflow and add a capture component to specify the type of MFP used for scanning.
  2. Select desired process components if you need the documents to be processed before routing them to Datacap workflow.
  3. Add the Datacap 8.1 component as a route component to the workflow.
  4. Configure web application settings and the variables of the Datacap component through the RRTs passed from the capture component.
  5. Save the configured workflow, and start the process.
After being scanned, a document gets captured and processed. After being processed, a document is routed to a Datacap Taskmaster Capture process.