List of Values dialog box

Use this dialog box to add multiple values to a field.

This dialog box contains a table with a list of values specified for a field. The table contains two columns: the first one displays the ordinal number of a value in the list, while the second represents the value itself.

Option Description
Add Click this button to add a new value into the list. This button opens an Add Value dialog box which allows you to specify the value.

If the specified field contains predefined possible values, then the browse button (...) on the Add Value dialog box is enabled, and you can click it to open Select Predefined Value dialog box that allows you to select one of the predefined values from the list.

Edit Select a value in the list and click this button to edit it. This button opens an Edit Value dialog box that provides the same functionality as an Add Value dialog box.

You can double click a desired value to edit it, too.

Remove Select a value in the list and click this button to delete it.

You can use the Delete key on you keyboard to perform the same operation.