Add/Edit Field dialog box

Use this dialog box to add or edit properties of a field.

Option Description
Name Specify the field name in this text box. You can use browse button (...) to open the Select Field Title dialog box which allows selecting the field name from the list.

The following information is displayed for the field: field type, maximum field length, whether the field is required, what values the field can accept. If there is no connection to the server, this information is displayed as unknown or unrestricted.

Field is multivalue Select this check box if the field can accept multiple values. When this check box is selected, the Value text box is disabled, and the Value browse button (...) is enabled.
Value Enter the field value in this text box.

The field can accept multiple values or values from a dataset associated to this field on the server; in these cases, the adjacent browse button (...) is enabled.

If the field accepts multiple values (that is, the Field is multivalue check box is selected), the text box is disabled. Click the browse button and specify the values for the field in the open List of Values dialog box.

If the field accepts values from the associated dataset, then the browse button will open the Select Predefined Value dialog box.
Note: If you specify multiple values from the dataset, the component will show their associated IDs, but not the values themselves. When the document will be uploaded to the server, the component will assign a value that is associated with this ID.