How to use d.3 component

Use the component to route documents into d.3 system.

The following is a simple workflow example with d.3 component.

  1. Create a workflow with the desired type of MFD (use the corresponding capture component), OP OCR component as a process component and d.3 as a route component.
  2. Configure the MFD capture component to capture documents from MFD.
  3. Configure the OP OCR component to recognize the text in the captured documents and to create output files in PDF format.
  4. Configure the d.3 component. Specify the desired d.3. server and user credentials to connect to this server on the General tab.
  5. Specify the document type, other document properties and the followers (persons who will receive notifications about the document uploading) of the document on the d.3 server on the Document tab.
  6. Specify the fields that will be attached to the documents on the Fields tab.
  7. Run the process.
With the server running, the walk-up MFP user scans documents, the OP OCR component converts printed text and creates PDF files, and the d.3 component routes the PDF documents directly into the d.3 server with assigned fields and properties.