Content Management Queue options

The component options determine the data source, user credentials, queue name, and status for the Content Management Queue component in a workflow.

To configure options for the Content Management Queue component, double-click the component icon in the workflow. To configure a processing or routing component in the same workflow, click the icon for the processing or routing component.

Option Description
Data Source

Select the data source to which you want to queue the files to. Make sure you have the data source attributes correctly, as you will not be able to select the Queue name or Status otherwise.

User Name

If the data source has user access privileges, enter the user name to use for the data source connection.


Enter the password that corresponds to the user name.

Queue Name

Specify the queue name to which to queue files. You may add new queues by selecting the Add button and entering a new name for a new queue.


Specify the status of the files. You may add a new status by selecting the Add button and entering a new name, such as "pending" or "approved".


The priority determines the order that files will be serviced out of the queue. You can select Low, Normal, or High. High priority files are serviced first, normal priority files are serviced second, and low priority files are serviced last.

Termination Script

Shows when a job in a queue has completed its workflow. The termination script lets an administrator decide what to do with a record after it has been processed by the workflow. For example: Send to email.

Clicking this button opens the Termination Script dialog box. There are three Termination Script options:

  • File — Specifies the script file name.
  • Name — Specifies the name of the entry point for the script.
  • Language — Specifies the script type. Choose either JScript (for JavaScript) or VBScript.