How to perform web authorization of a Box Route account

The AutoStore Box Route Web Authorization service must be started on the server for you to perform this task.

Context for the current task

  1. Run the executable for the AutoStore Box Route Web Authorization Server Configuration Tool, NSi.AutoStore.BoxRouteWebAuthorizationConfigureTool.exe.
    The AutoStore Box Route Web Authorization Server Configuration Tool is located in the AutoStore installation directory.
  2. Configure settings on the General tab.
    Tip: Make sure to record the Port setting. The default port number is 4560.
  3. On the Log On tab, configure the service to run under the LocalSystem account or a domain account that is in the Administrators group on the server.
  4. On the General tab, click Start to start the service.
  5. After the service starts, open one of the following URLs in a web browser:
    • http://server:port/NSi.Autostore.BoxRouteWebauthorization/default.aspx
    • https://server:port/NSi.Autostore.BoxRouteWebauthorization/default.aspx
    Use the HTTPS path if SSL encryption is used by the Web Authorization Service to communicate with clients.
    Note: For either URL, server is the IP address for the server running the Web Authorization Service and port is the port number that the Web Authorization Server uses to communicate with clients.
You will be asked to confirm access to your Box Route account through your Windows user name when Single Sign On is selected, or through an account alias that has been setup when Single Sign On is not selected.