How to log in to the Box service

Perform the following steps to log in to the Box service.

Note: Before performing this task, make sure that Internet Explorer 7 or greater is installed on the machine with the workflow server; otherwise, install/update it.
  1. In the main configuration window of the Box component, click Log in button.
    This will open Box login window.
  2. In the Box login window enter the valid Email/User name and Password for the Box account, to which you want to connect, and click the Authorize button to log in to the Box service.
  3. Click Grant access to Box button.
After logging in you will be returned to the main component configuration window. If your logging in is successful, the user profile information will be written in Login text box, and the component will save the token received from the service. This token will be used for further access to the server.
Remember: The Box service establishes a connection timeout for logging in; the timeout is 30 seconds. If you exceed the connection timeout, your logging in will fail.