Users Tab

Use this tab to configure user properties

Users are the service's clients of a special type. They can use stamps values but cannot configure them.

Bates Stamp Server administrator can create users and provide them with stamps. Access to stamps is granted by whole groups, that is, administrator grants access to a stamp group to a user, after that the user can request values of any stamp from the group. Granting access to individual stamps is not supported (to provide it, create a group including a single stamp and grant access to this group). Stamps not included in any group are available for any user.

To create a new user, click Add or use double click on empty space. To remove an existing user, click Delete or press keyboard "Delete" key. To view or change user's settings, click Properties or double click on the user's name, and User Properties dialog box will open. To view available stamp groups, use Stamps button.

A user needs a certificate to get access rights to Bates Stamp Server. Certificate is a file created by Bates Stamp server. To save a certificate for particular user, select a user in the list and click Save certificate. The file should be sent to the user.