Stamp Properties

Use this window to configure stamp properties.

Stamp is a set of parameters and rules for creating text strings - stamp values. Stamp consists of elements separated with predefined delimiter.

Every stamp must have a unique Name. You can type a Description of the stamp (optional).

Set dates of stamp's availability: starting date From and expiration date Up to. The stamp will not be available for users before and after this period.

If you set stamp to be Frozen, then no users will have access to this stamp.

You can check if the stamp is already Exhausted or not. This option cannot be configured. If stamp is exhausted, it means that one or several of its elements have reached their last counter value and no stamp values can be given to users.

Fields delimiter is a symbol or a set of symbols used to separate stamp elements.

To see or to edit the stamp's elements list, click Elements. To preview stamp values, use Preview.