Stamp Tab

Configure stamp settings on this tab.

Option Description
Stamp This text box displays the stamp that you have selected in General tab. To select another stamp, you need to go back to the General tab.
Prefix Enter the string that will be printed before the stamp value.
Postfix Enter the string that will be printed after the stamp value.
Stamping This group allows configuring methods of stamping.
Embed stamps into image documents If this check box is selected, the component will put stamps in the copies of the input documents. In this case, you can select a mode of stamping:
  • Overlay mode means that Bates stamps will be simply placed over original images with transparent or opaque background. Background settings are configured in the Font tab.
  • Shrink and apply mode means that the image will be resized so that one page of original size can hold the resized image and the stamp. The resized image will be centered horizontally within the page and aligned vertically to top or bottom, depending on stamps alignment. This option is enabled only for Predefined position in the Position tab. If margin values require image resizing to less than 25% of original size, it causes an error message: "Invalid stamping area”.
Put stamps in separate files If this check box is selected, the component will generate a new text file for each input document. It will have the same name as the original file, but the file extension will be .ftm (for example, if the original file is Example.tiff then the output file will be Example.ftm). Each line of this file will contain page number and the corresponding stamp value delimited with a comma, for example:
  • 1,stamp1
  • 2,stamp2
Put stamps in TIFF files as tags This setting is only applicable to TIFF input files, it is ignored during PDF documents processing. If this check box is selected, the component will generate a new TIFF file with the same images, but each page will have additional TIFF tag containing the stamp value.

The number of the tag to use is input in the Tag# field. Tag number may be from the "reusable" range 65000-65534.

PDF files This group allows configuring settings for PDF files. Bates Stamp opens PDFs as pictures.
PDF resolution (DPI) Set the resolution (dots per inch) for the opened pictures. The horizontal resolution is equal to vertical resolution. 
Color depth (BPP) Set the color depth (bits per pixel) for the opened pictures. Valid values are 1, 4, 8 and 24.
Note: The component may change PDF image colors when processing/previewing/selecting stamp zones if the Color depth parameter is not set to 24 BPP.
Compression type Select an appropriate compression type for output PDF documents (available values depend on the selected color depth).