Field Values tab

Use this tab to add or remove fields that will be transferred to the subsequent components in the workflow as RRTs.
Option Description
Field name Enter the field name.

Use a name to identify the barcode; for example, InvoiceCode or CustomerID.

Field value Enter the field value in this text box.

In this text box, you can use one of the following component internal RRT sets:

You can specify any value for the field manually or click the browse button (...) and construct a value using component internal RRTs in the opened Barcode Location dialog box. When you click the OK button in this dialog box, the constructed internal RRT is written down in this text box.

The following are valid examples of RRTs that can be used as a field value:

  • ~LTB::0,0~
  • ~LTB::Bottom,1,5~
  • ~LTB::Separators[0,0]~
Tip: To clear Field nameand Field value text boxes, click on the empty space on this tab. This will allow you to specify the data for a new field.
Modify Select a field in the list, and edit the Field value, and click this button to apply changes to the selected field. You can also edit the name of the field.

This button is enabled only when the selected field name or value is changed.

Note: Double-clicking a field in the list opens the Barcode Location dialog box. In this case, if the field value contains a component internal RRT either from Named set RRTs or from Global set RRTs, its settings are copied into the corresponding options in the opened dialog box.
Add Specify new Field name and Field value, then click this button to add the new field to the fields list.

This button is enabled only after you enter a new field name along with a field value.

Delete Select a field and click this button to remove the selected entry from the list of fields.