Barcode Location dialog box

Use this dialog box to construct an RRT for the value of a field by specifying the location parameters for the barcodes.

When you click OK button in this dialog, an RRT representing the specified barcode location will be placed into Field value text box on the Field Values tab.

Option Description
Named barcodes set Select this check box if you want to take a barcode from a named barcodes set.

If you select this check box, the final RRT, constructed using this dialog box, will represent an RRT from Barcode named set RRTs; otherwise, it will represent an RRT from Barcode global set RRTs.

Set name Select the name of a barcodes set.

This field is enabled only when the Named barcodes set check box is selected.

Page number Enter the number of the page on which the barcode is expected to be found.
Barcode number Enter the number of the barcode on the page or in the named barcodes set.
Note: RRTs should not be used in the fields of this dialog box, because they will not be replaced.