A workflow is the set of configured components by which documents are submitted through AutoStore. A workflow includes the capture and route components along with any process components that you activate for the workflow.

A workflow is defined by a form or action within a script. A task can have multiple workflows, one for each form or action in the task. For instance, the menu in a capture component settings may have multiple forms or actions, each one activating a separately configured sequence of components specified by the task. The workflow that processes a document then depends on the form or action that is made use of by a user.

AutoStore always processes components in a workflow in the same order that they appear in the task. Settings for all components in a workflow are always configured from the capture component. A component list in the capture component configuration dialog box allows you to access settings for the process and route components in a workflow.

Figure 1. Component list in the form settingsComponent list in the form settings

Component settings determine how a component participates in a workflow. The route component always participates in a workflow. Process components often must be activated to participate in a workflow.

Figure 2. Image Management Configuration component activated to participate in a workflowImage Management Configuration component activated to participate in a workflow

After you activate a component, settings become available that determines how it operates in a workflow. These settings may be configured differently when you activate a particular component for different workflows in a task.