An AutoStore configuration is a script file that defines all the information required to run workflows on an AutoStore server.

A configuration contains one or more tasks. It defines components, forms and actions and their settings in the tasks. You can open multiple configurations in the AutoStore Workflow Designer, although an AutoStore server can only run one configuration at a time.

You can create always create a new configuration and add tasks as are required by the needs of your organization. After you complete a configuration, you can save it to a configuration file. Configuration files are stored with the .cfg extension on the AutoStore server. The default location for configurations is in the AutoStore workflow directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\NSi\AutoStore Workflow 7

You can also save a configuration to a configuration template file, with a .ctf extension. A configuration template allows you to reuse the configuration to create new configurations with the same tasks or to add the tasks from the configuration template to an existing configuration.

You can open and edit more than one configuration at a time in AutoStore Process Designer. Each configuration appears on its own tab in the AutoStore Process Designer window. You can quickly switch from one configuration file to another by clicking a tab, by pressing Ctrl+Tab, or by clicking the View tab on the ribbon and clicking a file name listed on the Switch Windows menu. When you start the AutoStore service from within the AutoStore Process Designer, it uses workflows defined by the configuration file that is currently active in the workflow editor.