AutoSafe options

The AutoSafe dialog box appears when you run AutoSafe and specifies options for decrypting a file.

AutoSafe decryption options

Option Description
Encrypted File Specifies the full path to the encrypted file. You can click to browse for the file.

The encrypted file must have a .cry extension. For example if the original file is abc.pfd, the encrypted file name must be named abc.pdf.cry.

Decrypted Folder Specifies the location to store the decrypted file. You can click to browse for the folder.

If the encrypted file is abc.pdf.cry, AutoSafe decrypts he file back to abc.pdf in this location.


Specifies the encryption algorithm to use for the decryption. AutoSafe supports the following symmetric encryption algorithms:

  • ECB
  • RC2
  • RC4
Note: All files must have the same encryption key and encryption algorithm. Currently support for variable encryption methods, or variable encryption keys is not available with AutoSafe.
Key Specifies ASCII character string that is used to encrypt or decrypt the files. The decryption key must match the encryption key for a file.
Reenter Key Repeat the encryption key to prevent typing errors.
Key File Specifies the complete path to a key file. You can click to browse for the file.

You can use any file or any file type as a key file for encryption and decryption. The file content during decryption must match the file content during encryption.