Aspects tab

Use this tab to add aspects to the routed documents.

Option Description
Available Aspects This scroll box contains a list of available aspects on the server.
Selected Aspects A list of selected aspects.
Activate This element shows whether the aspect is activated or not. It the selected aspect is not activated, then its properties will be ignored at run time.
Add >> Select an aspect in the Available Aspects scroll box and click this button to add it into Selected Aspects list. By default, the newly selected aspects have "Yes" value in the Activate column.
Note: There is no restricted number of aspects that can be added to a routed document, but every aspect can be added only one time.
<< Remove Select an aspect in the Selected Aspects scroll box and click this button to move it back to the Available Aspects list.
Ignore invalid properties Check this box if you want the component to ignore the invalid values of the aspect fields. If this check box is not selected and the specified property of aspect has invalid value, then at run time the component will behave as follows:
  • The document will be uploaded to the server with the properties specified before verifying aspects as well as some aspect properties already verified.
  • At the same time, the component will reject a document from the workflow and write an error message into the log.

Functionality of Ignore invalid properties check box is only applicable for the complex property types: content, qname, category, noderef, period, childassociation, encrypted, assocref, childassocref. Properties of other types will not be ignored.

This functionality is not applicable for the required properties and simple property types (for example, int, Boolean, float, double, date). If such types have invalid values, documents will be rejected and will not be uploaded into the server.