Troubleshooting tips

Problem description Solution
If you send two different files with the same names, they overwrite each other. There are two ways of solving this problem:
  1. Select the Rebuild database check box on the General tab.
  2. Use Rename file option on the Document tab to set the unique file name for each document.
If you connect to the server using the Security group that is not Administrator (for example, User), and send the files to the server, the Status Monitor gives the following error message:

Failed to setup security groups (Error code 0x80070005: Access is denied.)

This is the feature of the Alchemy client: the security groups can be set only by administrator. Please use the administrator security group to connect to the server.
When you use multiple processes with the component, some files (near 1% from the total amount) are rejected and not routed to the Alchemy. To solve this problem, use the File Options component in the workflow process and configure it to move the rejected files to the folder that is used as the input folder by the OpenText Document Server, Alchemy component. The rejected files will be routed to the Alchemy after some time.