Add/Modify a Property dialog box

Use this dialog box to add a property to the document properties list or to modify a selected property.

Option Description
Property Enter the name of the property or select it from the drop down list of the available properties for the selected database. You can use one or several available RRTs in this field.
Note: You can specify only the properties that are in the list. If the entered property name is not specific to the database, it will be ignored and the file will be stored without this field.
Value Enter the property value or select it using the browse button (...), if it is available. For example, if the selected property has Data type, the browse button is available and opens the Select a Date dialog box, which allows selecting a date from a calendar. You can use RRTs in this field.
Note: If the field you selected has a predefined list of values, only a value from this list can be accepted. If you specify a value that is not in the list or incorrect, it will not be stored in the database and a warning message will appear.
Type This field displays the type of the selected field.