Field_OnValidate event

This event occurs when a when user attempts to set a new value for a List or Boolean field on the form.


Field_OnValidate FieldName , FieldValue )


The name of the field to validate.
The value of the field to validate.


You can use this event to perform tasks such validating user input for a form field. If the return value is empty string then validation is assumed to have been successful.


Function Field_OnValidate(FieldName, FieldValue)
  Field_OnValidate = ""
  'Write custom validation to check that the user is attempting to enter a value for ‘the Amount field that is less than 100.
  If (FieldName = “Amount”) Then
    If (CInt(FieldValue) > 100) Then
      Field_OnValidate = “Amount cannot be greater than 100.”
    End If
  End If
End Function