You can assign an action to a menu entry item if there is no need for the user to assign index fields. This applies to a workflow scenario where the user selects a file that does not require any indexing field information to be captured and submits the file directly to the server process. Files are processed and delivered to the route component in the workflow.

For every action you create, you are configuring a distinct workflow based on the selected process and route components.

If the workflow process requires index fields to be added to the stored document, you need to create a form.

Table 1. Action options
Field Name Description
Action Name The name of the action that appears on the AutoCapture Client menu.
Icon File Specifies an image icon file for this action. This image will be displayed on the AutoCapture Client menu. An icon image is a 12x12 pixel image stored in BMP, GIF, or JPEG format. This entry is optional.
Tags Specifies one or more words or unspaced phrases separated by the comma (,) character that may be used to filter actions in a client application. This entry is optional.
Components This table lists processing and routing components in a workflow, including their Name, Description, and Type. To activate or configure a component, click the browse button () in the last column (C) of the table.

Clicking the browse button opens the the properties dialog box for a component. For some process components, you have to explicitly activate the component by selecting the Activate check box in the component properties dialog box. Others are activated after you configure options that allow them to function, such as specifying a destination folder for the Send To Folder component.