How to add a menu

Menus allow users to access different forms for a workflow. A menu can be added to a group or menu.

  1. If necessary, double-click the Xerox EIP Connect component in a workflow to open the Xerox EIP Connect dialog box.
  2. On the Groups tab, click a group or menu item, and click Add Menu on the menu bar.
  3. In the Menu Name box, type a name for the menu.
    The name must cannot match the name of another menu or form at the same level in the menu hierarchy.
  4. Optional: To display an icon for the menu on the device console, enter the full path to an image file in the Icon box.
    An icon image must have the following characteristics:
    • PNG or GIF with transparent background
    • Dimensions: 44x44 pixels
    • Maximum size: 24 KB
  5. If authentication is enabled for the group that contains the menu, then you can configure the Access Control options to specify users who can use the menu:
    Click this To
    Public Access Allow all users who can access the group or any parent menu to use the menu.
    Restricted Access Limit access to specific groups or users.

    Enter groups or users who can see the form in the Allowed Users/Groups box. For Windows authentication, you can click the browse button (...) to select groups or users. Use the semicolon (;) to separate multiple entries in this list.

    Group membership is determined by the authentication type for the group that contains the form:
    • None — The Access Control options are unavailable.
    • Windows — Group membership determined by the Windows Groups that the user belongs.
    • Netware — Groups are not supported.
    • Custom Script — Group membership determined by the Groups collection of the UserInfo object that represents the authenticated user.

      For details on the object model used in authentication scripts see the Xerox EIP Connect Scripting documentation.