How to add a group

Create a device group to configure forms, menus, and authentication settings for a particular group of MFP devices.

  1. If necessary, double-click the Xerox EIP Connect component in a workflow to open the Xerox EIP Connect dialog box.
  2. On the Groups tab, click Add Group on the menu bar.
    This opens the Group Settings dialog box in which you can configure General and Authentication settings..
  3. On the General tab, type a name for the group in the Name box.
    This name does not appear on the MFP display and it is used strictly for identification purposes.
  4. In the Associated MFP Addresses box, add the MFP devices that will be associated to this group:
    • For each device, type its IP address or host name in the blank row marked by the *.

      The network name is preferable, because the IP address can change if you are using DHCP.

    The MFP address list must contain at least one MFP.

  5. If the MFP devices in this group should authenticate the user, click the Authentication tab, and select the Requires Authentication check box.
    • To configure authentication settings that only apply to the devices in this group, select an Authentication Type and configure the options that are available for that type.

      You can click the Help button for information about all of the options on the Authentication tab.

    • To use the default authentication settings that have been configured for the Xerox EIP Connect component, select the Use Global Authentication Settings check box.

      All Authentication settings are then unavailable except for the Query device authentication session for credentials check box.

  6. If workflow server should query the credentials of the user logged onto the device, then select the Query device authentication session for credentials check box.
    Tip: Click the Help button for more information about this option and how it behaves for the different authentication types.
  7. When you finish configuring settings for the group, click OK.