Device registration

Use this tab to register the AutoStore server on devices. Device registration groups allow you to specify default administrator credentials for a group of devices so that you can register multiple devices without logon errors.

To open the Device Registration dialog box, click the Start Registration Manager button on the Device Registration tab of the Xerox EIP Connect configuration dialog box . Configure options in this dialog box to do the following:

  • Define custom registration groups
  • Add different devices to different registration groups
  • Register all devices within a single registration group at one time
  • Add multiple devices

Device Registration dialog box options

Option Description
Register To register all devices within a registration group, select the registration group that will be registered and click Register. You will see a status bar at the bottom of the window. Once the registration process is complete, the number of devices which were successfully registered will be displayed.
Note: You must ensure that the AutoStore icon is placed in the correct menu position on each MFP. This action will effectively overwrite previous values.
Add Registration Group Click this button to create a new registration group. This opens the Add Device Group dialog box. See Add/Edit Device Group Dialog Box.
Add Device Select a registration group and click this button to add a device to the group. This opens the Add Device dialog box. See Add/Edit Device Dialog Box.
Remove Click a registration group or device and click this button to delete it. Removing a group deletes all of the devices in it.
Edit Select a registration group or device and click this button to edit the settings.
Import Device List Click this hyperlink to add multiple devices simultaneously. This option reads in device names and parameters from a comma delimited list. Each device entry must appear on a single line formatted as follows:

Make sure that there are no spaces between values or commas. The device IP address is required, so any line missing an IP address will be ignored. All other values are optional If a value is empty, then the value specified for the group will be used. The group value for the device administrator password is always used if the device administrator user name is omitted.

When you omit values, retain the commas without any spaces. For example, the following line omits the device administrator user name (the device administrator password is then ignored):


The following line omits all values except for the device IP address:


If the device IP address is entered by itself, then all values except the IP address are copied from the group settings and the Use Group Access Setting option is enabled for the device. If at least one value (other than the administrator password) is entered with the device IP address, then missing values are copied but the Use Group Access Setting option is disabled for the device. That means that any subsequent changes to the group settings will not change the device settings.