How to Map Data

An example of mapping a set of RRTs to an XML file.

Let us consider a set of RRTs generated by the POP3 eMail component. The RRTs are the parameters of an email messages that the component receives from a POP3 email account: ~POP::Body~, ~POP::CC~, ~POP::Date~, ~POP::From~, ~POP::Subject~, ~POP::To~.

  1. Design a workflow with POP3 eMail as a capture component and XML Generator as a route component.
  2. Configure the POP3 eMail component.
  3. Use the following XML template:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" ?>
  4. Replace the tag values with the corresponding RRTs in the configuration window of the component.
  5. Configure other settings and run the process.
The generated XML will contain the values of the RRTs as the tag values.