Multiply Node Block Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to configure the options of repeating one node within a parent node.

Multiplying is useful when you want to output a repeated set of data of the same kind or when you want to map a table data to xml. See the examples.

Option Description
Node name This field displays the name of the selected node.
Counter label Enter any string that will be used as a counter for the repeated node. Counter label is case-sensitive.
Note: Every occurrence of the Counter label in the child nodes will be replaced by the value of the counter. To prevent an unexpected data change, make sure that the counter label does not occur in any value of any child node.
Min value Enter the minimum value of the counter.
Max value Enter the maximum value of the counter.

Maximum number of repeated nodes can be Max value - Min value + 1.

Max value and Min value should be integer values. If you enter non-integer value or RRT in any of those fields, it will cause the following error message: "Please, enter an integer value".

Max value and Min value can be both positive and negative, but Max value must be greater or equal to Min value.

If some RRTs defined by means of a counter cannot be generated, the node that corresponds to the counter value that produces an incorrect RRT will not be included into the output.

Remove Click this button to remove information about the counter from configuration. It clears all fields in the dialog box.

You can multiply one or several nodes. The order in which single and multiplied nodes appear in the output XML document cannot be modified.