Edit Attribute Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to change the value of an attribute.

Option Description
Attribute name This field displays the name of the attribute.
Attribute value Enter a new value of the attribute. The value can be replaced by one of the available RRTs or a combination of several RRTs.
Note: You cannot use ~XMR::Counter~ for attribute value setting.

If namespaces are used in the XML file, the namespace specification attribute cannot be edited and all the child nodes have the same namespace as the parent node by default. In the old versions of the component, another behavior took place, therefore when you open the old version's configuration, the component asks to update the configuration.

All RRTs must be replaced If this option is on, the component cannot generate the output XML file without replacing all RRTs used in the attribute value structure by real data. By default, this option is off and RRTs, if they are not replaced, appear as blanks in the output XML file.
Reset Click this button to return back to the original attribute value, which is provided in the XML template.