Data Source dialog box

Use this dialog box to configure and activate a dialog box.

Click the Add button in the Workflow Tracker dialog box opens this dialog box.

General tab

Option Description
Activate Select this check box if you want specified fields placed into the data source based on a condition. This activation button offers three states.
State Appearance Description
Active (selected) The data source is active for all workflow jobs.
Inactive (cleared) The data source is inactive for all workflow jobs.
Conditionally active The data source becomes active only if the conditional statement is True.
Data Source Provide the data source name that you want to save workflow activities in (for example, Microsoft Access). This is a required field.
User Name Enter the user name to log in to the data source
Password Enter the password to log into the data source.
Table Name Select the table to which you want to connect. This is a required field.

Fields tab

This tab lists field listed from the table specified by Table Name on the General tab.

Option Description
Name Specifies the name of the field.
Type Specifies the type of the field.
Value Enter the desired value for the field. Use the RRT Popup window to drag and drop desired values.