Welcome to TRIM Captura (4.x)

TRIM Captura is a Route component that is used to store documents into a document management system, where records can be searched for, identified, and a system of active and inactive records can be used.

TRIM is a unique tool for Records Management, because it is both "object-oriented", and it can be configured to your requirements through the use of "record types" which may be hierarchically arranged.  To say that TRIM is "object-oriented" means that the "objects" or items within the database e.g. files and folios, are the focus of attention and not the processes performed on them.  Therefore, if a task were to be performed on a record, it's just a matter of choosing which record and then what task (move it, delete it, etc).

The hierarchy model allows TRIM to reflect a real-world environment.  The ability of TRIM to contain records within other records means that performing a task against a file (for example, a movement) can also apply to the contained correspondence.