Using Trim Captura component

If you want to protect valuable corporate information, ensure that an organization complies with reporting requirements, and enable the organization to easily access data, you would want to use TRIM. To batch store records, you can create a process using Poll Directory as capture component, and place the records in your input folder of the Poll Directory and use TRIM Captura as your store.

To create a new version of an existing record, simply setup your process with the appropriate Capture component and TRIM Captura Route component.  Set up the TRIM Captura attributes, select the Find Record checkbox, and enter the value of the record that you want to make a new version of.  You have the option of entering a comment regarding the change.  If this is a new record, click on the New Version checkbox.  Now, instead of replacing the document, a new version of the document will be created.

Do not use the Find option if you want to create a brand new record.  With the Find option, you can create new versions of existing records and not a new record.