General Tab

On this tab, enter the general attributes of a record.

Option Description
User Name

Enter the user name for the TRIM database.


Enter the login password for the TRIM database.


Enter the database name.

Find Record

If you want to find an existing record, select this box. To create a new one, do not select this box. Depending on which you choose, you have to fill out the appropriate information.


Enter a comment to the document.

New Version

Select this check box for the document to replace the latest version of the document currently attached to the record.  This parameter is ignored if there is no electronic document already associated with the record.


The user can choose whether or not they want to check in the file.  If they decide to check in the file, others can access the file and make changes in TRIM context.  This allows for only one copy of the file to be updated at any one time by putting a lock on the file.

When a document has been checked out, TRIM takes a copy of the document and places in a file directory or sends it to a program called TopDrawer.  The document then can be accessed and edited as required.  When the document is returned or checked back into TRIM, it will be checked back in under the same TRIM record number.

Record Type

Select from all electronic record types, by clicking the browse button (...).


The title of the document, which can later be used for searching. This field cannot be left blank.


Select from the containers, by clicking the browse button.  A container allows you to place a record inside another (for example, a document inside a file).


Select this check box to make the current location for a record the container record that you selected. Later on, this allows for easier searching in the database.

Security Level

Distinguish records by a successive classification.  For example, records that are classified “TOP SECRET” are higher in restriction than those classified as “UNCLASSIFIED”.  Security Levels ensure that records may only be accessed by Units, Staff Positions and Staff Members who have the same security level or a higher security level than that allocated to a record.


Enter the priority of the document.

External Reference

Set the external reference of the document.


Use this field to set the barcode of the document.