Field Values Tab

Manage field name and values in this tab.

Option Description

You can add field name entries and field values to a record that is being stored in TRIM Captura. You can add field names from a list of names already in TRIM database.

Click on the Add button and the Field Values dialog box appears. Select the field name from the drop-down list of available field names that are already defined in TRIM database. Enter the corresponding value for the field name.

For example, if you want to change the title of the document, you can change it by selecting the Add button and under the Field Values dialog box, you can select the Title of the document, and place a new value for it.


Click on this button to modify field values of a record that is being stored in TRIM Captura.


Use this option to remove Field Name entry.

Rename File Schema

If you check this check box, you can enter the new file schema name  that is being processed in to the TRIM Captura component.

For example, if a file is named test.txt, for Rename File Schema, you can enter the string example_%n.%e.  When the component is running and the file test.txt comes in for processing by TRIM Captura, the component renames the file to example_test.txt, where %n is replaced by the file name (“test”) and the %e is replaced by the file extension (“txt”). 

You can add a counter suffix (%c), to add an incremental counter to a file name that has already been used. For example, if the original file name is test.txt, then the rename schema  renames files to test1.txt, test2.txt, test3.txt for reoccurrences of test.txt.

Replace invalid characters with

If the file name has invalid characters, this feature specifies a valid character to replace each invalid character.

For example, if "/" occurs when processing files with the Barcode, you can choose to replace the character with the valid character "_".