Step 4  — Print & Scan or Save & Send the Smarticket

Figure 1. Figure 1
Position Option Description
A Check box next to Ticket Check the box to select the Smarticket. Once selected, select the link Tools to Print, Download, Copy or Delete.
B Tools Drop down menu is displayed. Options include: Print, Download, Copy or Delete.
C View Select to view the Smarticket. The user can now proceed with several options:
  • Print Ticket — To print the Smarticket
  • Ticket — To view the Smarticket
  • Mini — To view the mini version of the Smarticket
  • Notifications — To view notifications for this Smarticket
  • Edit — To edit the Smarticket
  • Delete — To delete the Smarticket
  • Download — To download the Smarticket into a PDF format
  • Copy — To copy the Smarticket
See Creating a new Smarticket for more information.

The user can now print the Smarticket or save the Smarticket. The Smarticket is then submitted along with the documents to be processed.