Search Options

Smarticket Web Client users have two options to search for Smartickets: Standard Search and Advanced Search. With Standard Search, users can enter a Ticket ID or Ticket Title to search for a Smarticket (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. Figure 1

With Advanced Search, users can search for Smartickets by Ticket ID, Ticket Title or by Created Date (see Figure 2).

Figure 2. Figure 2

The type of search that is displayed on the Smarticket Web Client display can be changed. See Setting Display Options for more information. In addition, the type of search that is displayed can be changed by selecting the ADVANCED SEARCH link (see Figure 1) or STANDARD SEARCH link (see Figure 2) located at the bottom of the search box. For more information on searching, see Search for Smartickets. Note that the ADVANCED SEARCH and STANDARD SEARCH link will not be displayed when Accessibility Mode is turned OFF. For more information on Application Options, see Setting Display Options.