Web Service Tab

Under this option, the web service may be enabled or disabled and can be hosted either by Internet Information Server (IIS) Host or by the Smarticket Service Host. Settings for the web service must be configured to support connections by the Smarticket Service.

Option Description
Enable web service on this computer Select this check box to enable the connection to the web service on the local host. If you clear the option, the Smarticket service connects to a web service on another machine.
Smarticket Service Host Choose this option to use the native web service supported by the Smarticket Service.
  • Click the Configure button to open the Web Service Identification dialog box to configure web service bindings or to enable and configure SSL for the Web service.
Internet Information Server (IIS) Host Choose this option to use Internet Information Services (IIS) running on the host machine.
Note: The IIS option is available only if IIS is installed. To install IIS, see Installing Internet Information Services (IIS).
  • Click the Configure button to configure web service bindings for the IIS web server:
    • Web Site — Enter the web site. The default is Default Web Site.
    • Address — Enter the IP address. The default is All Unassigned. With All Unassigned, all incoming traffic will be routed to the web site.
    • TCP Port — Enter the TCP port. The default is 80.
    • Connect over SSL — Select this check box if the connection must use SSL.